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Several hunt clubs occupied the area. Thayer and Chamberlin found that bucks didnt leave their home ranges because of hunting pressure. The bucks simply laid low and waited for hunters to come and go, often passing right by the bucks in the dense cover. Still other research showed similar results. Dr. Stephen Webb, a landscape ecologist for the Noble Foundation (, and his colleagues in Oklahoma found similar results. Hunting pressure resulted in less movement during the day by bucks who stayed in their home ranges. We found that deer were using the same areas, but smaller in size, even during Oklahomas rifle season, said Webb, They maintained site fidelity to the areas they were most familiar with. There are some bucks that will travel outside their home ranges if they scent an estrous doe. Dr. Gabriel Karns placed GPS tracking collars on adult bucks living at Chesapeake Farms, a large agricultural research area on Marylands Eastern Shore.

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tips for curriculum vitae

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